How It Works

Obtain an ORI Number

The ORI number (Originating Agency Identifier) is a number established by FDLE and identifies the agency or employer requesting the criminal history check and for what purpose. You will need to obtain the correct ORI code from your employer.


  1. Visit to begin registration process.
  2. Establish a DTIS account by creating username and password.
  3. Submit your biographical information and select the location where you will be fingerprinted.
  4. Provide payment information, schedule appointment and obtain your confirmation number from the DTIS website.

Bring your ID to the finger-printing Location

  1. Take your receipt /confirmation number and your government issued ID to the finger- printing location you selected.
  2. An on-site enrollment agent will verify your ID and obtain your prints.
  3. Your fingerprints will be quickly and securely transmitted to DTIS for processing. DTIS will submit your fingerprints to FDLE for processing and FDLE or your employer will be sent the results.
  4. An electronic package is prepared and submitted for processing-No personal information is saved on The UPS Store machine.
  5. Log into your previously established DTIS account to update your information.