image001(1)DTIS offers its Double Check service which allows individuals to request and receive a copy of their FBI Criminal History Record in accordance with the requirements of FBI DO 556-73.

In the past, if you wanted a copy of your FBI Criminal History Record, you had to follow a process that involved visiting a local police station to be fingerprinted on ink-cards (messy and time consuming). Documents were then physically mailed back-and-forth between the applicant and the Bureau. The entire process typically took 6-8 weeks to complete and was prone to errors and delays.

Today, FBI Departmental Order 556-73 allows FBI certified channelers (such as DTIS) to collect fingerprints electronically and then transmit them to the FBI on your behalf. The FBI sends the results to DTIS. We then make them available to you securely on-line via our results portal. We use strong multi-factor authentication to ensure that you and only you can access the results.

You can expect:

  • Results to be turned around quickly – often within 24 hours – and made available to you online
  • Results will be securely stored - you and only you can access the results online
  • Convenient access to Electronic Fingerprinting locations across the state of Florida at participating UPS stores
  • Assurance that your personal information will be secure - we never sell or share your information with anyone other than the FBI
  • If you have no criminal history, Double Check will give you proof of this fact