As a FBI approved channeler, DTIS services are based on security, stability, reliability, performance, best value and extensive experience of more than fifteen years of collecting and processing biometric and biographical data.

Our capabilities include:

  • Biometric (i.e., fingerprints, etc.) data collection and processing.
    • Daon livescan fingerprinting services and equipment are available at participating The UPS Store locations.
  • Biographic data collection, appointment scheduling and payment processing
  • Criminal history background checks (local and national)
  • Extensive data management services

DTIS also operates the Transportation Security Clearinghouse and is a TSA Designated Aviation Channeling Service Provider, providing background checking services for more than 300 airports and 75 air carriers. Since inception, we have facilitated more than 10 Million backgrounds checks across federal, state and commercial programs.

Since our inception, DTIS has facilitated more than 7 million biometrically-based and 5 million biographical background checks and has processed in excess of $150 million in electronic funds transfers.

We enjoy a customer satisfaction rating of 96% - an unheard of mark in any credentialing or security program - and have achieved an industry low error rate for fingerprint transmissions to the FBI of <2% through value added processing prior to submission. The average government error rate is 2-3%. Our industry low error rate will ensure that the fingerprint/biometric data can be processed the first time it is collected, virtually eliminating the need for an enrollee to be re-fingerprinted.

Our secure data center environment is FISMA-compliant and meets the rigorous standards of the DHS/TSA for the protection of sensitive information. We are a FBI approved channeler for receiving EFTS and transmitting directly to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services. Our infrastructure and processes have been certified and accredited by the TSA.